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Support in Developing and Finalising the Business Case for the Uganda Financial Services Inclusion Programme Financial Services and M4P Experts

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DFID Uganda
December 2011
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Oxford Policy Management has been engaged by DFID Uganda to support them in the development of a Business Case (programme document) for a proposed Financial Services Inclusion Programme, to provide access to appropriate financial products for poor people and small and medium enterprises. The programme will use the market development approach and will run from the 2011/2012 financial year to 2016/2017 financial year. This programme builds on the success of the DFID funded Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSDU) project, which ended in 2007. A Business Case needs to be submitted to authorise the release of funds for the programme. The Business Case will set out the rationale for choosing the programme. It will provide the approach to the choice and design of the financial services interventions, setting out the need, justification and affordability – making a sound case for the commitment of public funds. OPM is supporting DFID Uganda in completing the business case, in particular by focusing on the appraisal case within the Business Case. The key issue for the appraisal case is the balance between the need to move quickly in order to meet stretching time-bound targets for increased access to financial services, and the need to set up an enduring financial services programme which will be able to carry on the work after DFID funding ends. Rapidly scaling up activities, without reference to setting up durable institutional structures would provide the more certainty about meeting targets. However, a key lesson from FSDU is that without appropriate planning, the carefully cultivated relationships and understandings that facilitate work can be lost. OPM have provided a draft appraisal case exploring the advantages and disadvantages of a range of options for implementing the programme, including cost benefit analysis. OPM are also providing advice on the key technical issues for the strategic case, on the structure and content of the logical framework for the programme and on the terms of reference for a possible design and build contract for the implementation of the programme.

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