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Support to African Regional Social Protection Leadership and Transformation Curriculum

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European Union Social Protection Systems Programme (EU-SPS)
June 2016 - June 2017
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We supported in the development of an innovative training package on the implementation of national social protection (NSP) programmes, floors and systems, adapted to the Sub-Saharan African context.

Commissioned by ILO and the EU Social Protection Systems Programme (EU-SPS) under the EU-SPS Programme “Supporting the establishment of sustainable and inclusive social protection systems”, we provided support in developing the modules on:

  • Administration and delivery of Social Protection (registration and enrolment, payments, complaint and appeal mechanisms, programme communications, case management and linkages, conditionalities, exit and graduation)
  • Programme management information systems and approaches to integration
  • Governance of Social Protection

We have been extensively involved in designing, implementing and evaluating Social Protection programmes across Sub-Saharan Africa. Being involved in the development of these ILO training modules has provided a unique opportunity to crystallize that practical knowledge and adapt it to the needs of the ultimate users, senior policy makers in the region.

A unique feature of the training package is the blend between cutting-edge technical content and a strong focus on leadership and transformation. ILO envisions significant investment in the development of a methodology and pedagogy in training delivery so that it informs policy change.

Our approach to supporting the development of the three modules within the training package has been to build on previous documentation and literature, providing ample space for case studies and practical examples from the region, so as to speak to the specific challenges and opportunities of building social protection floors in Southern Africa.

Specific services provided by OPM included:

  • Peer reviewing existing modules
  • Reviewing core literature on the topics covered, including internal OPM documents
  • Identifying key gaps
  • Re-writing modules and focusing on regional challenges and case studies
  • Providing interactive exercises to be proposed during the training

This social protection training package developed by ILO is intended as a public good. Other than being used within the envisioned ILO training, the documentation will be made available to any institution in the region who is interested in utilising the material. Ultimately, it should help policymakers to better implement national social protection programmes.

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