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Study on the Political Economy of Trade Policy and Practice, Nigeria

Policy Area
Department for International Development (DFID)
August - October 2004
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OPM examined the factors that shape the trade policy environment in Nigeria. It was anticipated that this work, through deepening understanding of the trade policy process and the incentives for and blockages to change, will help DFID, other development partners and stakeholders in the sector to manage their roles more effectively and thus contribute to developing a more informed approach to supporting reform. In setting the background for the study, the key trade policy issues for Nigeria and relevant international experience were examined. The study considered the factors that shape the trade policy environment and the manner in which policies are derived and implemented. It also assessed the role of, and interplays between, the different actors and institutions in the process. This included a review of their capacities, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the incentives and blockages to policy change. This was used to derive conclusions on what is required to improve the policy process and what the constraints are to such improvements. Finally, consideration was made of the potential role of DFID and other development partners in Nigeria in strengthening the policy process.

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