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Social Security Programmes to support the National Institute for Social Action 'INAS'

Policy Area
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
March - August 2012
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OPM was selected to support the Mozambican National Institute for Social Action (INAS) in the effective implementation of basic social protection programmes, particularly the flagship national social cash transfer prorgamme (PSA), an in kind transfer programme (PASD) and a public works programme. Taking as an opportunity the on-going development of an IT platform for INAS Monitoring and Information System (MIS), the project focussed on assisting INAS in the design, development, operationalization and testing of core modules of operation of the Basic Social Security Programmes to be integrated to the MIS. The work will focussed on the following areas: a) Targeting; b) Monitoring and Evaluation; c) Payment and Financial Management; and e) Case management. Moreover, such developments and reforms were designed in such a way that they are fully aligned, coherent and integrated with the MIS design (hence the respective IT platform) and tailored to the capacity of INAS and implementing partners at all levels. Main outputs of each area included: evaluation of existing processes, new process development, pre-testing, integration with the MIS, elaboration of operational manuals, capacity building, training and piloting.

Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant