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Setting up a Monitoring and Evaluation System for Climate Change Related Integrated Human Development, Maldives

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World Bank
November 2010
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The aim of this five-year project is to strengthen education, health, employment and community development services on focus islands. It is set in response to climate change and the need to optimise the provision of public services, in particular to strengthen selected islands outside the capital. The original intention was, among other things, to channel population movements to these islands, which would then be in a better position to be environmentally protected. As part of this project, OPM is designing and implementing the Monitoring and Evaluation System. The work includes developing the overall monitoring framework, together with relevant line ministries. A combination of quantitative and qualitative tools (citizen report cards and community scorecards) are being used in three beneficiary assessments each with 1200 respondents. Mini-laptops have been introduced for data collection purposes and survey results were presented in each community as part of the fieldwork exercise. Routine administrative and inspection data are also used. OPM has developed and set up a computerised project management information system specifically for this project.

Senior Consultant