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Rural Finance Programme, Zambia

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Government of Zambia
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The Ministry of Finance and National Planning, Zambia contracted OPM to undertake a strategic review of the state of rural finance in the country. The objectives of the assignment were to: (i) develop an effective and coherent strategic framework to enhance the provision of both broader and deeper financial services across all parts of the country; and (ii) develop a national policy on rural finance creating a conducive environment for accommodating formal banks, microfinance institutions, out-grower schemes and marketing companies, savings and credit cooperatives, and small informal operators. The OPM team reviewed the key documents emerging from the implementation of the Financial Sector Development Plan (since 2004) and Rural Finance Programme (since 2007). The team held active discussions with members of the Programme Reference Group (including representatives of Ministry of Finance, Agriculture, Commerce and Community development together with representatives of central bank and business associations) and identified emerging policy priorities. Towards the end of the inception visit, a stakeholder meeting was held to share initial ideas and seek insights and feedback from the stakeholders. Based on the various documents and feedback, the draft policy will be drafted which will go through two rounds of feedback and revision before presentation at a national stakeholder workshop.

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