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Policy Engagement and Financial Sector Development

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The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
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This was a two year collaborative research project between the Centre for Development Studies at the University of Bath and OPM. The project had two main complementary goals: To strengthen OPM’s capacity to advise its clients on financial sector change, development finance and policy analysis in poor and middle income countries, and to develop a framework and toolkit to assist OPM, clients and others to contribute to improved financial sector policy development. Research papers resulting from this partnerships include: “Facing up to the political realities of financial inclusion” “The political economy of financial inclusion: Working with governments on market development” “Improving the value of development consultants as policy advisors” “Political economy analysis, aid effectiveness and the art of development management” “The evolving art of political economy analysis: Unlocking its practical potential through a more interactive approach” These can be found below.

Economic Policy Programme Director