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Multi-Stakeholder Evaluation Public Sector Governance Reform

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Department for International Development (DFID)
february - November 2011
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OPM was contracted by DFID, on behalf of the OECD DAC, to carry out an evaluation of donor support to public sector governance reform (PSGR) over the past ten years. The primary objective was to enable donors and recipient countries to learn lessons about what to support in the implementation of PSGR reforms, and how best to do so; the results were intended to feed into the debates on aid effectiveness stimulated by the Fourth High Level Forum in Busan in late 2011. The evidence for the evaluation was drawn from country case studies in Cambodia, Indonesia, Uganda, Mozambique and Bosnia-Herzegovina, a comprehensive literature review, and the analysis of international statistics and governance indicators. The evaluation was overseen by a Management Group comprising DFID, Sida and Irish Aid, and a Reference Group including representatives of the World Bank, OECD and other stakeholders.

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