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Monitoring resource flows in fragile states

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Department for International Development (DFID)
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The study was prepared for the OECD-DAC Fragile States Group. The objective was to provide policy makers and country offices with a tool to better monitor and understand the importance of levels, timing and composition of resource flows to fragile states and expected results. The study aimed to take into account and analyse: need and levels of aid; assess the usefulness of grouping fragile states for resource allocation decisions; aid dependency and levels of aid/GNI and absorptive capacity constraints in fragile states; appropriateness of the use of governance indicators for performance measurement, such as the CPIA; international donor presence and attention including non-DAC donors; testing the significance of other aspects of international engagement such as diplomatic attention and presence and peacekeeping operations; and test whether the link between performance based allocations and aid effectiveness needs to be revised for fragile states.

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