Policy expertise

Mechanisms to Implement the Marrakesh Decision

Policy Area
Department for International Development (DFID)
February - March 2003
OPM contact

The project entailed the preparation of a paper to guide discussions in the WTO on the design of mechanisms to address short-term financing of commercial food imports in developing countries. Discussion of the creation of such mechanisms is in the context of the ‘Marrakesh Decision’ in favour of net food importing developing countries. As well as considering the short-term financing of food imports, the paper recognises that increased efforts to provide assistance in other areas, including the provision of food aid, favourable terms on agricultural export credits and technical and financial assistance to improve agricultural productivity also help in addressing the concerns amongst developing countries that the Marrakesh Decision has not been implemented. The preparation of the discussion paper began with a brainstorming session to consider possible options for the implementation of the decision. The paper was prepared based on this brainstorming, stakeholder consultation, data analysis and a literature review. The findings of the paper were presented in a workshop for WTO delegates in Geneva.

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