Policy expertise

Innovative financing mechanisms for UHC in Benin

Policy Area
World Health Organisation (WHO)
February - June 2015
OPM contact

Benin is engaged in the path towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). To support this progress, a number of new revenue sources needed to be identified. We are working with the Ministry of Health and its partners to identify five innovative financing mechanisms which could provide substantial funding flows for health in the future and which will also be politically acceptable, institutionally feasible and relevant to the country’s context.

Our team of experts is working closely with the Ministry of Health in Benin to complete the following:

  • Step 1: identification of five promising innovative mechanisms through broad consultation
  • Step 2: analysis of the context and series of interviews to assess the qualitative aspects of relevance to the country
  • Step 3: macro-economic projections identifying potential revenue flow from these mechanisms
  • Step 4: final recommendations and restitution to all stakeholders.
Senior Consultant and Portfolio Leader
Director, Social Policy