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IMF Middle Eastern Technical Assistance Center - Mid-Term Evaluation

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Department for International Development (DFID)
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OPM provided a team to carry out a mid-term evaluation of the IMF's Middle East Technical Assistance Center (METAC), which aims to strengthen the capacity of countries in the Middle East for effective macroeconomic management and to support the region's integration into the world economy. METAC has also the objective of assisting post-conflict countries to restore macro-economic stability and develop basic institutions for policy-making. The mid-term external evaluation had the objective of reviewing the management and operations of METAC, and assessing the effectiveness of the activities that it undertakes, and making recommendations for strengthening its operations. The evaluation involved reviewing of METAC activities in Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza, and Yemen, as well as discussions at IMF headquarters and at METAC's office in Beirut.

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