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Evaluation of FAO Agricultural Trade Policy Project

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Department for International Development (DFID)
February - April 2007
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OPM undertook an impact assessment of a DFID-funded project in the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) Commodities and Trade Division. The project funded analysis and capacity building for developing countries to better understand the impacts of OECD agriculture and trade policies on their own agriculture sectors and on their ability to implement appropriate policies, enabling them to strengthen their position within multilateral trade negotiations. The primary objective of the evaluation was to assess the impacts of the project outputs in the current international agricultural trade negotiations (predominantly WTO) and provide specific examples of impacts that can be used for internal purposes to demonstrate the value of DFID’s support for this work. A secondary objective was to assess the influence of the project in relation to the FAO’s ability to provide a more coherent and credible approach to analysis, communication and dialogue relating to the impacts on developing countries of OECD agriculture and trade policies. The assessment was also intended to inform DFID’s decision making with respect to future funding of this work in the FAO, identify lessons learned in terms of the most effective modes of engagement with countries, the types of assistance that has had the most impact, and the priorities for any further assistance.

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