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Evaluation of the Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC)

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Danish International Development Agency (Danida)
March - August 2013
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OPM carried out an institutional evaluation, which was led by SIPU, of the Danida Fellowship Programme (DFP). The DFP provides short course and other forms of training to participants from developing countries, principally Danish those countries that are the main recipients of Danish aid. The evaluation covered the period since 2008. The evaluation reviewed the theory of change for the DFC interventions and assessed both the contribution that DFP has made to achieving development results in terms of capacity development, and the fitness for purpose of DFP’ management, principally through the Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC), and governance arrangements for delivering high quality training. The Evaluation involved the following main analytical tasks: (i) Analysis of DFP governance arrangements; (ii) analysis of DFP management arrangements; (iii) analysis of the DFP portfolio; (iv) comparative study of similar bilateral training programmes, including cost-effectiveness measures ; (v) country case studies of Ghana and Uganda; (vi) online surveys of course participants; (vii) online surveys of Danish Embassies; (viii) online surveys of course providers; (ix) assessment of the quality of course materials and training approaches; and (x) a review of existing monitoring and evaluation information. On the basis this analysis, an evaluation report outlining the main conclusions and recommendations was prepared. OPM provided the Team Leader, an Education and Training Specialist, and an Institutional Development Specialist. The OPM team members were responsible for the overall Evaluation Report, and for the two country case studies.

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Principal Consultant