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Developing a Health Finance Strategy for Morocco

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African Development Bank (AfDB)
November 2013-April 2015
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Morocco has made impressive strides towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) but a clearer route and strategy  needed to be developed to ensure successful implementation in the medium-term. OPM worked with the Moroccan Government, using a situational analysis to highlight the main challenges to be overcome and developed a set of concrete recommendations and a comprehensive health financing strategy.

Our expert team worked with the Government of Morocco to complete the following stages of work:

  • ​Step 1: Situation analysis of the health financing situation in the country including fiscal space analysis, efficiency savings analysis, HRH analysis.
  • Step 2: Set of recommendations to achieve UHC along the collection, pooling and purchasing framework used for heath financing.
  • Step 3: Development of the health financing strategy.

Once implemented, the health financing strategy developed by OPM will help support the Moroccon Government achieve its target of Universal Health Coverage within the country.

Senior Consultant and Portfolio Leader
Director, Social Policy