Policy expertise

Department of Social Services Institutional Capacity Assessment

Policy Area
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
May - October 2010
OPM contact

OPM were contracted by the Government of Zimbabwe Department of Social Services (DSS), with funding from UNICEF, to carry out an audit of the human resource and institutional capacity of the DSS at national, provincial and district levels. The aim of the assignment was to present evidence-based recommendations for the development of a realistic strategy which could enable the Department to strengthen its capacity to provide increasingly effective and high quality policy and services responding to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. The work was carried out in two key stages: 1) Desk review of current policies and programmes, DSS institutional mandates, stakeholder analysis, articulation of key problem statements and statutory responsibilities; 2) Participatory fieldwork research in selected regions, data analysis. Following consultations on the findings, the final report presented clear conclusions and recommendations for the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare’s consideration.

Principal Consultant
Portfolio Manager, Social Care Services
Principal Consultant