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Child Support Grant Evaluation

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South Africa
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
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The purpose of the project was to design and implement a quasi-experimental evaluation of the Child Support Grant (CSG), an unconditional cash transfer paid to the caregivers of poor children in South Africa. The CSG is a pivotal component of the grant system in South Africa. The evaluation aimed at establishing the grant’s effectiveness in achieving its main results: combating poverty in the short run and fostering human capital accumulation amongst the new generations. The evaluation was based on an integrated quantitative–qualitative approach. It utilised a quantitative baseline and a quantitative survey. The analysis focused on two topics: (a) The impact of early vs. late enrolment onto the CSG on children; and (b) the impact of the CSG expansion on adolescents. OPM was responsible for the design and implementation of the quantitative component of the evaluation, and the integration of quantitative and qualitative results. Specific tasks included sampling and design of the fieldwork strategy, design and piloting of the questionnaires, fieldwork supervision, quality assurance and data analysis.

Senior Consultant
Director, Statistics, Evidence & Accountability