Our approach is based on an in-depth understanding of the institutional and organisational needs of a functioning public sector budget process, as well as the necessary financial management and reporting systems.

    We have many years of experience in providing training and support to clients in a variety of different contexts. For example, we are currently providing training and technical assistance to the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement in Myanmar to improve planning and budgeting systems and processes in line with recent PFM reforms. These include a more output-oriented presentation of the budget, demonstrating a better link to strategic plans, to ensure a more equitable delivery of social assistance services to those who need them.

    The core of our expertise lies in supporting governments to improve PFM systems and processes in a sustainable manner. For instance, we have been providing long term technical assistance to the Ministry of Finance in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, with a particular focus on strengthening tax administration and modernising the system of programme budgeting.

    We are familiar with a wide range of diagnostic methods to monitor and assess the allocation, efficiency and effectiveness of public spending. We have, for instance, conducted a number of public expenditure reviews for a variety of clients that attempt to assess the extent to which public spending is in line with stated priorities. Most recently, we have conducted ‘child-focused’ expenditure reviews in various sectors in Indonesia, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania, Mongolia and India.

    We have delivered a number of research projects on PFM for our clients in recent years. For example, we carried out a study for UNICEF to analyse how equity concerns are currently addressed in the PFM systems of Thailand and the Philippines, with the aim of identifying good practices and lessons that can strengthen the role of public finance in promoting greater equity in service delivery.

    Our analytical skills enable us to develop tools and provide advice to inform policy decisions on complex issues. In Angola, we are working with Aberdeen Economics, Aberdeen University, and the Angolan Government to develop a suite of macroeconomic models and fiscal frameworks to help improve the development of fiscal policy options in line with maintaining macroeconomic stability.

    We have a long history of helping our clients to develop policy and reforms options appropriate to the local context and level of capacity. In Pakistan, we have supported the development, approval and implementation of PFM reform strategies for the federal government and several provincial governments, while piloting needs-based budgeting and budget transparency reforms at provincial level.