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Ratti Manmadha Rao

Office Manager

Ratti Manmadha Rao is the Office Manager at OPM India who joined in December 2015.  Before joining OPM, Manmadha started his carrier in 1997 with a U.K based development organisation, VSO, for over a period of 16 years holding various positions within the organisation – Administrative Assistant, Programme Administrator, Operations Officer and Interim Programme Manager.  During this long memorable journey, he has acquired good command over the areas of administration, HR, IT, Procurement and Logistics, International volunteer management, programme support, Finance and Budgets, conducting trainings, monitoring and evaluation. Also, developed good understanding on various development issues like good governance, disability, HIV&AIDS by closely working with the programme team including Country Directors, Programme Managers.  Manmadha attended training on Team Building (in Sri Lanka), Programme Support (in South Africa) IT (in Bangladesh).

Manmadha’s sensitivity to the needs of others enabled him to learn basic Indian Sign Language to communicate with speech and hearing impaired.  He trained his colleagues, International volunteers and also his family members on Indian Sign Language.

In the area of IT, he has the experience of managing LAN (Local Area Network) Windows Server for over a period of 10 years.  Also done a course on computer hardware.

Manmadha is a holder of MBA in Human Resource Management, a B.Com graduate from Delhi University.  A, music loving person, who loves playing Indian flute (Bansuri).

At one point of time, he was also an Entrepreneur who ran a small restaurant - being one of his hobbies is cooking.

Manmadha is looking forward to be associated with OPM for a long time to come.