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Olufemi Adegoke

Country Manager/Quantitative Research Manager

Olufemi Adegoke is the Quantitative Research Manager in the OPM Nigeria office. He has an MSc in Population and International Health from Harvard University, and a BSc in Human Nutrition from University of Ibadan. He is currently working on the Impact Evaluation component of the Child Development Grant Project; Teacher Development Program Evaluation; and the Education Sector Support Program in Nigeria (ESSPIN) Composite Survey where he supports the implementation and management of survey field work. Prior to joining OPM, he worked as a field coordinator with the Development Impact Evaluation Unit (DIME) of the World Bank on evaluation of bank and Nigeria supported projects. He has also held various roles with Independent Monitoring Evaluation Program (IMEP), FHI 360, Columbia University, Pact and The Carter Centre including designing and implementing impact evaluation of programs, program monitoring & evaluation and designing and implementing Management Information System (MIS).