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Nicola Ruddle


Nicola is a consultant in OPM’s Education Portfolio, with particular interests in education systems and financing, political economy and interaction between evidence and policy. Nicola is involved with a mixed-methods impact evaluation of a £50million education programme to improve learning outcomes for children, especially girls, in Tanzania. She is leading on qualitative research of district and regional management, and a fiscal affordability study to understand the costs of scaling up. Nicola recently conducted a review of early childhood education and education financing for an education sector situation analysis in Zanzibar. She is setting a framework and managing the research outreach and impact activities of research teams under the Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE) programme, funded by DFID. Preparation for this involved managing political economy analyses of the education sectors in eight countries. Other assignments at OPM have included development of a framework for monitoring public expenditure on children in the Pacific Island Countries for UNICEF, and writing state reports for the second composite survey of the Nigeria ESSPIN programme. Prior to joining OPM, Nicola spent two years in the Ministry of Education, Ghana, where she played a central role in two major projects under GPE and the World Bank, and twice led the sector’s annual review process. Nicola previously worked as an economist in the UK Civil Service, during which she undertook impact assessments across a range of sectors. Nicola has a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Manchester.