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Marta Marzi


Marta Marzi is a development economist with experience in poverty analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and household survey data analysis. She is a consultant in OPM’s poverty and social protection team and has lead the analysis of micro-data in numerous impact evaluation of cash transfers programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya and Malawi) and Asia (Pakistan and Kazakhstan) focusing in particular on the construction of consumption indicators and poverty measurement. She was involved in the design of a revised targeting model for social protection programmes in Lesotho and in the analysis of targeting effectiveness of social protection programmes in Zambia. Marta is working on the development of a M&E result framework for the National Social Protection Policy in Zambia. She is also currently managing the design and implementation of a 6,000 household survey in the North of Kenya for the evaluation of the Hunger and Safety Net Programme, a cash transfer programme for the extreme poor. Marta holds a MSc in economics for development at the University of Oxford as well as a MSc in economics from Bocconi university and Universite’ catholique de Louvain.