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Kari Lipschutz


Kari Lipschutz is a consultant at OPM specializing in natural resource governance, political economy programming, and law and development. She is also the Director of OPM’s Oxford Law and Policy Fellowship Pilot Programme. Prior to her current role in the office of the Chief Economist, she was an EC Marie Curie research fellow and Consultant at Oxford Policy Management in the Economic Policy Programme. She was also a visiting research fellow at Columbia Law School’s Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (Now CCSI) and UCLA’s Department of Political Science working on fuel subsidies. Kari’s TAMNEAC research was focused on natural resource development and governance in fragile and conflict-affected states, particularly Nigeria. Recent consulting projects have included a systematic analysis of international natural resource governance interventions, political economy analysis of the petroleum sector in Uganda, as well as developing a qualitative impact evaluation mechanism for an oil sector project in Nigeria.

Her doctoral research at University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) is concerned with the effect of oil dependence on the Nigerian legal system. Her MA thesis at SOAS explored Afghanistan’s recent mineral law and policy reform process in light of a larger international discourse on the tension between foreign direct investment policy and social and environmental policy with respect to extractive industries. Her four years practicing journalism in multiple media formats gives Kari the ability to express complex ideas in a variety of ways for a variety of audiences. Further, her work at World Politics Review and research as a Master’s student at SOAS have given her a solid background in understanding the interaction between national implementation of policy and international agenda-setting.