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Eka Melisa


Eka has worked in the climate change sector for more than 15 years focusing in international negotiation, governance, policy options, policy development, policy advocacy, and campaigns, including 12 years as climate negotiator for Government of Indonesia in the UNFCCC and other forums. Her Areas of Expertise are including climate change and energy policy, international negotiation, policy advocacy, project management, business development and fundraising.

At OPML, Eka is the programme manager for the Multi-stakeholder Forestry Programme in Indonesia (MFP3), funded by DFID/UKCCU. She previously served as Assistant Special Staff to President Yudhoyono for Climate Change and Environment Issues (2010 –2014), where she provided advisory for international and bilateral negotiations on issues related to climate change, energy, and industry. She was the Vice Chair of International Negotiation Working Group (2008 –2011) in the Indonesia National Council on Climate Change. In this role, she acted as the Deputy Chief of Negotiators to UNFCCC and other related forums. In both of her services to Government of Indonesia, she represented her office in the establishment of relevant Presidential Decrees, notably for the following: National Action Plan for Emission Reduction, Greenhouse Gas Inventory and REDD+ Agency.

Before she joined the Government of Indonesia, Eka was had been actively in campaigns work and advocacy on climate change at national and global level as the Climate and Energy Programme Director in WWF Indonesia (2002-2007), and International Climate and Forest Policy Advisor in WWF International (2007-2008).  She led and managed a team comprised of scientists, policy advocators and campaigners that focused their works on building recommendation on climate change and energy, climate change and forest, and climate change and marine work.