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Alex Matheson

Associate Consultant

Alex Matheson has worked as a senior public servant, as the chief governance and public management adviser in two international organizations, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the OECD; and as a senior governance and development consultant to developing and transitional countries in Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, South America, South Pacific, and Eastern Europe.

Review and evaluation has been a strong thread in his career. While a public servant in New Zealand he managed the evaluation functions for the NZAID programme, audit and evaluation for the Ministry of Justice, and commissioned a major evaluation of New Zealand’s public sector reforms on behalf of the State Services Commission. He was a member of the committee which supervised a review of Ireland’s public sector reforms; was a consultant to South Africa’s Presidential Review of the public sector, and led a major review of two decades of governance and management developments in OECD countries. Since working as an international development consultant, he has led a comprehensive evaluation of Uganda’s Poverty Eradication Action Programme (including of donor policies) over the decade of its operation, and a review of UNICEF India’s policies on Capacity Development. He has also lead reviews of specific international development policies in Serbia, Uganda and Cambodia, and an OECD/DAC multi-donor evaluation of Public Sector Governance Reform.

His experience includes roles as governance adviser for World Bank missions to Kosovo and Timor Leste and an Asian Development Bank report on Fiji, the leadership of international governance related research studies and publications; and work as a adviser, consultant and line manager on the central policy, budgetary and management processes of government, electoral processes, the interface between politics and administration; and de-centralization across levels of government in OECD countries.