OPML Indonesia team

Our team is highly experienced and supported by internationally renowned associates, plus long-standing implementation partners

Our core team

Simon Brook

Simon Brook is a Principal Consultant and Leader of OPM's Social Development portfolio. He currently works on poverty and policy analysis (with an emphasis on qualitative and participatory methods), accountability, participation and empowerment, monitoring and evaluation, and civil society strengthening.

Leader, Social Development Full biography /people-partners/consultants/simon-brook Dwi Rahardiani

Dwi Rahardiani is an Assistant Consultant based in OPML Indonesia. She has worked in development sector for ten years, focusing on community-based programmes for forestry, climate change, and social development issues.

Assistant Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/dwi-rahardiani Gustya Indriani

Gustya Indriani is an Assistant Consultant at OPML Jakarta.

Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/gustya-indriani Revita Wahyudi

Revita Wahyudi has more than 10 years of extensive experience working in development projects on community empowerment, health and education sectors, rural infrastructure, local governance and civic participation.

Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/revita-wahyudi Abigail Carpio

Aby has extensive field experience in the study of markets and financial systems in a range of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She has carried out in-depth analyses of different types of financial institutions, including commercial and savings banks, non-bank financial institutions, cooperatives and credit unions, NGO microfinance initiatives, and informal groups. Aby’s work includes a strong focus on rural and agricultural finance.

Senior Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/abigail-carpio Bodhi Ahmad Trisnadin

Bodhi Ahmad Trisnadin is assigned as Director of Business Services for OPML Indonesia. He has more than 15 years experiences in accounting and financial management for various profit and non profit organizations, NGOs and also the World Bank.

Director of Business Services, OPML Indonesia Full biography /people-partners/support-staff/bodhi-ahmad-trisnadin Eka Melisa

Eka has worked in the climate change sector for more than 15 years focusing in international negotiation, governance, policy options, policy development, policy advocacy, and campaigns, including 12 years as climate negotiator for Government of Indonesia in the UNFCCC and other forums.

Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/eka-melisa

Our associates

Firdaus Hafidz

Firdaus Hafidz is a public health specialist and medical doctor with more than 10 years’ experience in teaching and researching public health policies in Indonesia.

Associate Consultant Full biography /people-partners/associates/firdaus-hafidz Naomi Hossain

Naomi Hossain is a political sociologist with 18 years’ experience of development research and advisory work on poverty, governance and gender issues.

Associate Consultant Full biography /people-partners/associates/naomi-hossain Rudy Tomasoa

Rudy Tomasoa has extensive experience in the banking and microfinance sectors in Indonesia, and has worked in access to finance policy, support to individual financial service providers, and conducting diagnostics on financial access by various target groups.

Associate Consultant Full biography /people-partners/associates/rudy-tomasoa Smita Notosusanto

Smita Notosusanto has worked in the development sector for 15 years focusing on voice and accountability, governance, decentralisation and gender.

Associate Consultant Full biography /people-partners/associates/smita-notosusanto

Our core team

Leader, Social Development
Assistant Consultant
Senior Consultant
Director of Business Services, OPML Indonesia

Our associates

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Associate Consultant
Associate Consultant
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