OPM Tanzania team

Our team is highly experienced and supported by internationally renowned associates, plus long-standing implementation partners

Our core team

Shamim Zakaria

Shamim is an Assistant Consultant in OPM’s Tanzania office. She has experience with both primary and secondary data collection and analysis in the areas of climate change adaptation, sustainable energy, low carbon development and environmental economics.

Assistant Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/shamim-zakaria Lindsey Roots

Lindsey Roots is a Consultant in OPM’s Tanzania office, specialising in research management and data collection methods.


Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/lindsey-roots Feliciana Donasian Kinabo

Feliciana Donasian Kinabo recently joined the OPM Tanzania office as a Finance Administrator.

Finance Administrator Full biography /people-partners/support-staff/feliciana-donasian-kinabo Kaley Milao

Kaley is the Project and Office Administrator of OPM Tanzania office.

Project and Office Administrator Full biography /people-partners/support-staff/kaley-milao Ignatus Jacob

gnatus Jacob is a Consultant in OPM’s Tanzania office with over 10 years’ experience in planning and managing complex and large-scale quantitative surveys in Tanzania and Zanzibar. 

Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/ignatus-jacob Germana Ibreck

Germana is the Finance and Office Manager of OPM Tanzania office. Being a core member of the team, she is responsible for all necessary office administrative and financial duties, analysing financial information and preparing financial reports by compiling information and utilising appropriate accounting control procedures. 

Finance and Office Manager Full biography /people-partners/support-staff/germana-ibreck Deogardius Medardi

Deogardius Medardi is a Fieldwork Manager in OPM’s Tanzania office. He has more than  6 years’ of experience in the planning, coordination and oversight of large-scale projects across Tanzania. 

Fieldwork Manager Full biography /people-partners/consultants/deogardius-medardi Helen Blake

Helen is the Operations Manager for OPM Dar es Salaam. Helen has worked in senior roles across the business support function at OPM over the past 14 years

Operations Manager Full biography /people-partners/support-staff/helen-blake Katie McIntosh

Katie McIntosh is a Consultant and the technical manager of OPM’s Tanzania office, specialising in research management. In Tanzania, Katie has been involved in managing large and complex research surveys, including The Sensors, an innovative project combining Big Data tools with representative survey data to better understand inner-city travel patterns in Dar es Salaam. 

Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/katie-mcintosh

Our associates

Our core team

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Finance Administrator
Project and Office Administrator
Finance and Office Manager
Fieldwork Manager
Operations Manager

Our associates