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Abdur Rauf Khan

Abdur Rauf Khan is Director of OPM Pakistan. Abdur has over 18 years' experience in programme management with expertise in aid coordination, financial management and general management skills, including administration, project leadership and overall staff management.

Director, OPM Pakistan Full biography /people-partners/consultants/abdur-rauf-khan Shafique Arif

Shafique Arif is Director of Surveys and Research at OPM Islamabad. An expert in monitoring and evaluation, he has a particular interest in programmes in reproductive health and action-based social research.

Senior Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/shafique-arif Iftikhar Cheema

Iftikhar Ahmed Cheema is a Consultant based in OPM Islamabad. He is a highly qualified economist and statistician with experience of working within high-profile programmes for the Government of Pakistan.

Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/iftikhar-cheema Sarah Javeed

Sarah Javeed is a senior consultant at OPM Islamabad. She has extensive experience in the field of social research in various regions of Pakistan, particularly within the community and health arena.

Senior Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/sarah-javeed Nyda Mukhtar

Nyda is an economist and public financial management specialist who has been working on budget reforms, medium term expenditure frameworks, expenditure reviews, and conducting research and analysis on revenue and taxation in the public sector.

Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/nyda-mukhtar Kiran Tariq

Kiran is a public financial management specialist with over 7 years of experience in implementing governance reforms in Pakistan at the sub-national level. She has worked on different DFID, USAID and European Union funded projects, with the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA Secretariat.

Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/kiran-tariq Kashif Amin Khan

Kashif was born in Daska, Sialkot Pakistan. He completed his early education in Daska before migrating to Islamabad and joining H-8, Postgraduate College, Islamabad for his further education.

Data Management Officer Full biography /people-partners/support-staff/kashif-amin-khan Sardar Karim

Sardar is a Consultant at OPM with a background in evidence based policy analysis and evaluations.

Director Research and Surveys Full biography /people-partners/consultants/sardar-karim Ahmed Javed

Ahmed Javed is the office manager for OPM Pakistan. Prior to joining OPM, Ahmed was employed in one of the world’s leading and Pakistan’s biggest telecommunications company, where he was primarily responsible for revenue reporting, overseeing revenue and trend analysis and was a key contact point for the regional offices.

Office Manager, OPM Pakistan Full biography /people-partners/support-staff/ahmed-javed Taqveem Badshah

Taqveem Badshah has over 7 years' experience in the field of Audits, Accounts and Finance. He is currently the Finance manager in OPM Pakistan.

Finance Manager, OPM Pakistan Full biography /people-partners/support-staff/taqveem-badshah Tanya Lone

Tanya Lone is an Assistant Consultant in the cross-cutting portfolio at OPM and is based in the Pakistan office.

Assistant Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/tanya-lone Zara Durrani

Zara Durrani an Assistant Consultant in the Cross-cutting portfolio and is based in OPM’s Pakistan Office.

Assistant Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/zara-durrani Fasieh Mehta

Fasieh Mehta is a multifaceted result-oriented management professional with over 11 years of diverse experience in the private and public sector.

Senior Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/fasieh-mehta Faisal Rashid

Faisal is a public policy expert with over 15 years’ experience in budget strengthening, medium term fiscal frameworks, budget strategy papers, budget analysis / execution, intergovernmental fiscal transfer systems, fund flow mechanisms, expenditure tracking, budget transparency reforms, PFM reform strategies, taxation policy & administration, cash and debt management and financial regulations particularly at subnational level.


Senior Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/faisal-rashid Fayyaz Mohammad

Fayyaz Mohammad is a Senior Consultant in OPM’s Governance Group. He has over 20 years of development experience in Pakistan, including 10 years working on governance and M&E reforms with the federal government, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) Secretariat.

Senior Consultant Full biography /people-partners/consultants/fayyaz-mohammad

Our associates

Rizwan Mehboob

Syed Rizwan Mehboob is a governance reform and institutional development expert with over twenty years of experience, working with international development organizations and public sector organizations in Pakistan.

Associate Consultant Full biography /people-partners/associates/rizwan-mehboob

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